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For the third straight year, Petrojam Limited has expanded its goodwill to awarding two scholarships to the top GSAT boy and girl of Greenwich All age school in Kingston. This year’s scholarship winners are Samella Walters and Orain Muir. The scholarships will cover school costs, books and miscellaneous items as the students’ parents or guardians request. Akishma Fisher, a member of the Community Outreach Committee, noted that the scholarship, which is now annual came about as a need for the company to impact on its community and lift the educational level of Greenwich All Age school.

Romario Rowe and Chanel McGregor, the top male and female GSAT students of Greenwich All-Age School are the 2013 recipients of the Petrojam GSAT Scholarship. The students were awarded scholarships worth $60,000 each, which covers tuition, books and other expenses.   Each scholarship will last for five years, under the condition that the students attain consistently good grades, (B average or higher).

Petrojam Limited recently hosted its eighth annual GSAT Awards Ceremony, under the theme, Building Future Leaders. Four students from Greenwich All Age and St. Andrew Primary Schools were presented with scholarships valued at J$240,000 each over five years at the 8th Annual Petrojam  GSAT Awards Luncheon held Thursday, July 31 at the Terra Nova Hotel.
The 2014 awardees are Ricardo Anderson and Jahmella Irey of St. Andrew Primary School and Nicholas Grant and Brittney Green from Greenwich All-Age School.

Recent Wolmers’ Boys graduate Stephen Campbell will be able to realize his dream of becoming a Chemical Engineer, thanks to a scholarship from Petrojam Limited, which will see to the financing of his undergraduate degree in Engineering.

Stephen is the 2012 awardee of Petrojam’s H.J. Fenton Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship, tenable for three years at the University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad. Over the next three years Petrojam will spend an approximate J$3.6 million dollars towards his education.

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