Safety & Environment Management System

Petrojam has a Safety & Environment Management System which is based on the requirements of OSHA’s Process Safety Management System, and the environmental protection requirements of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Jamaica’s National Environment and Planning Agency. This integrated management system has policies and procedures which controls the following:

  1. Employee participation in facilities management and operations
  2. Hazard Analysis
  3. Operations and Maintenance Procedures
  4. Administration of Contractors
  5. Management of Change
  6. Plant Maintenance/Mechanical Integrity
  7. Staff Training and Certification
  8. Emergency Planning and Response
  9. Safe Working Practices/ Work Permitting
  10. Incident Investigation and Reporting
  11. Process Safety Information
  12. Industrial Hygiene Management
  13. Environmental Management System
  14. Security Management System

In order to keep the facility safe all members of staff must receive training to attain competence in the aspects of their jobs over and above their academic qualifications. Some highlights of this management system are listed below.