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  1. No smoking or naked lights.
  2. Obey the directives of the guards at all times
  3. All visitors must go to the reception area to meet their escort on this compound.
  4. Speed limits 20 kmph on the main road and 5 kmph in restricted areas.
  5. Give way to emergency vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles at all times.
  6. Park vehicles facing outwards.
  7. Obey no parking signs.
  8. Do not drive or walk into restricted areas.
  9. Wear personal protective equipment issued to you and return it to the receptionist before you leave.
  10. Wear visitors ID at all times.
  11. Do not tamper with fire equipment.
  12. Children are only allowed in the canteen and the administration building and must be supervised at all times minimum age 15.
  13. Never leave the area which you are authorized to enter and wander on the compound.
  14. Obviously defective vehicles are not permitted to enter the compound i.e. exhaust leaks, exposed electrical wires etc.
  15. Cameras, radios, pagers and cell phones should not be taken outside administration building.
  16. Firearms should not be brandished or exposed.


  1. If there is a fire or emergency do as directed by Petrojam Employee.
  2. Never attempt to start your vehicle on the compound during an emergency unless instructed to do so by a Petrojam employee.
  3. An emergency at Petrojam is usually indicated by the sounding of a bell which indicates a fire or rapid short blast of whistles which indicates other types of emergencies, e.g. spill, leaks etc.
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