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Motor Gasoline

Motor gasoline is produced by the refinery through the removal of Ethane and Butane from the naphtha cut and split with both light and heavy virgin naphtha. Petrojam currently supplies two grades of unleaded gasoline: regular (87R) and premium (90R). Both grades contain 10% ethanol which is used as the oxygenate / octane booster in place of Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (MTBE). 
Motor gasoline is chiefly used to fuel automobiles and light trucks for road use.  Smaller quantities are used for off-highway driving, boats, recreational vehicles, and various farm and domestic equipment. 

Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO)

Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO) is produced by blending a part or all of the kerosene side stream with the diesel oil side stream.   Diesel fuel is used to power diesel engines in buses, trucks, automobiles, and other machinery.  It is also used in diesel generators and to fire industrial and electric utility boilers.
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