Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)
Heavy fuel oil otherwise called residual fuel oil is comprised mainly of atmospheric pipestill bottoms blended with heavy virgin naphtha and vacuum gas oil to produce the final heavy fuel oil product. The company supplies various grades of utility grade fuel oil with sulphur content ranging from 1.8-3 wt%. An additional grade namely Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO-380) with a kinematic viscosity specification of 380 cst is also produced.   

The primary market for this product is the electric utility companies who use residual fuel oil to generate electricity. Much of the capacity for electricity generation is oil-fired, so petroleum use by utilities is expected to increase along with electricity demand. Presently, this sector depends on petroleum for about 98% percent of its total energy requirements.

Residual fuel oil is also used as bunker fuel (fuel for ships) and industrial boiler fuel.

The vacuum pipestill produces two grades of penetration asphalt from the atmospheric pipestill bottoms: 60/70 and 85/100. Asphalt is used in the construction of roads; on roofs as a sealant and to water proof surfaces.
Marine Gas Oil (MGO)
Marine Gas Oil is a heavier grade of gas oil that is produced directly from the Atmospheric pipestill tower. It does not undergo the hydrofining process but is sent directly to tankage from the atmospheric pipestill.

MGO is used as a bunker fuel (fuel for ships).

Jet Fuel
The Jet Fuel sold at our airports is a kerosene-based fuel produced in the same way as Kerosene under stricter quality requirements for use in aircrafts.