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Petrojam Reports Smooth Transition to New IMO Heavy Fuel Oil Specification

Petrojam Reports Smooth Transition to New IMO Heavy Fuel Oil Specification On January 01, 2020, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) introduced new regulations to lower

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Let’s Talk Lab

Petrojam’s ISO Coordinator, Clement Hamilton has the rapt attention of these Biotechnology students of the University of the West Indies, as he explains the tools,

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Petrojam’s Beach Clean Up 2019

Petrojam with the help of  students from UTECH’s Rural Society and UWI Mona Engineering Society participated in the International Coastal Clean Up day themed “Dweet fi

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Fifty-Four Students Benefit from Petrojam’s Annual Summer Employment Programme

Fifty-Four students benefitted from Petrojam Limited’s 2019 Summer Employment Programme, which ends this Friday, August 23. The ten-week programme, which started on Monday, June 17,

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Improved Facilities Boost Petrojam’s Asphalt Export Capacity

Jamaica’s economy stands to benefit from increased foreign exchange earnings, following Petrojam Limited’s improved infrastructural capability to export larger volumes of asphalt. On July 30, 2019,

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Petrojam Opens New Office Building in Montego Bay

January 2018 Petrojam Limited officially opened its new Administrative Office building at its Freeport Montego Bay location on January 9. The building was named the Howard Powell

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Port Morant Primary Water Harvesting Project Boosted by Petrojam

The Water Conservation and Rain Harvesting Project of the Port Morant Primary and Junior High School in St. Thomas has been boosted by the donation

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