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On Monday, January 6, 2014, Petrojam Limited welcomed the second batch of Interns in its Graduate Internship Programme. Fourteen tertiary graduates from a cross-section of disciplines including Human Resource Management, Accounting, Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology have been granted a one-year internship to assist them in better transitioning into the world of work. The Programme, launched in 2013, is geared at providing valuable work experience to graduates in order to increase their marketability.

Chantal Lyn, Intern in the Procurement Department, is quite excited about being a part of the Programme and is confident that this will be a wonderful learning experience. “I wish to have practical work experience that continues to extend my potential in the professional world and deepen my appreciation and understanding of Petrojam’s Procurement Department,” she notes.

Process Engineer Intern in the Energy Management Unit, Marvin Dinnall, hopes to gain more than a professional job experience from this Programme. “I expect to be utilizing knowledge from the classroom to solve real world problems on the refinery,” he says. His assigned projects will help to reduce energy consumption and bolster energy conservation efforts on the refinery.

With just over a quarter since their introduction to Petrojam, the Interns have so far found the experience to be rewarding. “Working at Petrojam has so far been great and hopefully it will only become better,” notes IT Intern Beresford Sutherland Jr. “I began learning about SharePoint after I was assigned to assist in readying the software for two projects, one of which was HRMS. HRMS is a system built on SharePoint for the Human Resource Department. It gave me an initial glimpse of what SharePoint can do and continues to do so; opening my mind to the possibilities,” he continues.

No doubt, the Managers and supervisors have high expectations of this year’s interns. A Senior Supervisor, Process Engineering, Jodi Morris, expects the interns to “make us (Petrojam) want to hire them.” “I expect each intern to keep an open mind and go the extra mile to learn something new each day,” she states.

Manager, Human Resource Development and Administration, Andrea Bent, shares Jodi’s sentiments and encourages the interns to maximize the benefits of this opportunity. The Programme, she explains, seeks to ensure that the interns are more rounded and work-ready. “As part of the Programme, focus is placed not only on ensuring that the interns acquire skills within their individual fields, but also on the holistic employability of the interns,” she noted. 

The Graduate Internship Programme runs from January to December each year. We wish for our Interns a fulfilling experience at Petrojam Limited.

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