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Petrojam recently announced its 2017 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) Scholars at a Luncheon held Thursday, July 28 at the Terra Nova Hotel, under the theme “Building Future Leaders.” The 2017 scholars are Mekhi Richards and Kawiona Young of St Andrew Primary, Ricardo Monroe and Jody Ann Treleven of Greenwich Town All Age School.

All four students received scholarships valued at $60,000 per year to cover tuition, books, and other related expenses. Top Boy, Ricardo Monroe also received the sectional award for outstanding achievement in Science and Language. Jody-Ann Treleven was awarded prizes for outstanding achievement in the Arts and Mathematics. Mekhi and Kawiona also received prizes for their performance in Language, Mathematics and Best Attendance respectively.

Awards were also presented to other students from both institutions who excelled in various disciplines during the 2016/17 school year. The categories included: Most Disciplined, Outstanding Achiever in Sports and Best Attendance and Punctuality.

Principal of Greenwich All Age School, Bryan Guscott said the that scholarship has motivated the students to excel, as it now a “big competition” at the school as to who will be the next Petrojam scholarship awardee.

Guest Speaker, Dr Sanneta Myrie, who spent her early years in the Greenwich Town community and is a past student of the Greenwich Town All Age School, congratulated the students and implored them to formulate a plan and acquire the necessary skills and mindset to achieve that plan. She compared the theme, “building future leaders” to that of building a house, noting, “Building future leaders is to develop a blueprint and use skills and resources accordingly, to establish a foundation on which a person can stand and achieve their vision no matter how impossible.“

Dr Myrie reminded the students that she shares a similar background and has achieved; and so they can achieve similar or greate. Her blueprint, she said, was to become a nurse, but today she is a medical doctor.

“I see myself in all of you, not so long ago I sat in the same classrooms as some of you have, I learnt from the same teachers, I played on the same field, and waited in the same lines for nutri bun and milk, and walked the same lanes to and from school. I walked your path and so you can all walk mine” she said.

Petrojam’s Board Director, Harold Malcolm reaffirmed the company’s commitment to the educational development of the youths of the communities within the company’s environs, through the GSAT Scholarship Programme. “We are helping to change the world by granting these recipients access to quality education, so they can become leaders who are empowered to change their communities, Jamaica, and ultimately the world.” he said.


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