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The mobility of special needs students who reside at or utilize the facilities of the Best Care Foundation have been vastly improved following the handing over of a newly paved driveway by Petrojam Limited in December 2013.
The driveway, which was repaired at a cost of approximately $1.1 million, was in response to a request from Best Care, who expressed a dire need for the area to be repaired, to alleviate the daily inconvenience of parents, employees and especially the physically challenged children who use wheel chairs. 
In response, Petrojam donated 4500 litres of asphalt and paid for the cost of the repairs.  
Speaking at the Handing Over Ceremony, Manager, Human Resource Development and Administration, Andrea Bent noted that the donation is in keeping with Petrojam’s overall mandate to fuel mobility and national development.
“We know just how important it is for persons to be mobile and we want to ensure that these children are able to move about freely; so they can explore their environment unhindered by any restrictions,” she noted.
She congratulated the staff on their efforts in securing the welfare of the wards under their care, and encouraged them to continue to nurture and empower their young minds.
She specially thanked Pavement and Structures Ltd, the company that conducted the repairs to the facility free of cost, for their spirit of community and for their efforts in helping to empower and inspire these children.
She also encouraged other corporate entities join in on effort to advance  the welfare of the nation’s youth, particularly the disabled.  
Chairman of the Trevennion Road facility, Orville Johnson expressed appreciation for the donation and highlighted the significant difference that the newly paved facility was making in the lives of the children and their parents. He also expressed hope for a sustained partnership between Petrojam and Best Care.
Caregiver at the facility, also expressed thanks for the driveway, noting, “We can now walk without fear of spraining our ankles or damaging our shoe heels.”

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