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Petrojam Limited recently recognized the outstanding academic performances of the Top GSAT scholars of Greenwich All-Age School, Peteroy Miller and Moesha Cordoza, among other award recipients, at its Annual GSAT Celebratory Luncheon, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Kingston.

Peteroy and Moesha were each awarded scholarships valuing $40,000 to cover tuition, books and other expenses. The scholarships are tenable over five years, provided the students continue to meet the requirements of the scholarship programme. Peteroy will be attending Camperdown High School and Moesha will be enrolled at Alpha Academy.

Elated at his success and receipt of the Petrojam GSAT Scholarship, Top Boy, Peteroy, said that this is the result of months of perseverance and discipline. “I studied a lot and worked hard; but I also stayed active as it helps with brain activity. I tried to balance work and play,” he shared. 

Peteroy is even more delighted with his performance, having carried on the tradition of excellence, started by his sister Peta-Gaye Miller who was the 2007 female Petrojam Scholarship recipient. Peta-Gaye enters fifth form at Wolmer’s High School for Girls in September.

Top Girl for 2011, Moesha Cordoza, has attributed her success to hard work and sacrifice. “I had to make a lot of sacrifice. At the beginning of September(2010), I stopped everything else such as playing with my friends to focus totally on my studies,” she said. “My parents ensured that I was prepared. I was at classes every day of the week,” she adds.

Confident of continued success, the twelve-year-old has promised to deliver nothing but top class performance at Alpha. “Of course, I know it’s a new environment but I am ready to work,” she declared.

Petrojam Employee, Cassandra Gibson, in her address to the awardees, urged them to keep sight of their goals. “There is nothing that you can’t do if you set your mind to achieve it,” she noted. “To do this you will need to stay focused, think positive, choose the right role models and choose the best friends.”

Meanwhile, Production Manager of Petrojam, Telroy Morgan, said he was pleased with the partnership between Petrojam and Greenwich All-Age and pledged the company’s continued support for the institution.

Since 2006, Petrojam has been recognizing the academic achievements of the Top GSAT Scholars of Greenwich All-Age School, through scholarships. This forms part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programme to increase opportunities for educational advancement among persons in the Greenwich community.

For the 2011/2012 school year, Petrojam spent a total of $400,000 on scholarships for new and existing awardees. There are currently ten students enrolled in the Petrojam GSAT Scholarship programme.

Each awardee is assigned a mentor from the staff of Petrojam, who will assist in providing guidance to that student for the duration of the scholarship. In November 2010, Petrojam donated GSAT textbooks to the institution to ensure that students were adequately prepared for the exams.

Greenwich All-Age School Principal, Bryan Guscott, lauded Petrojam Ltd. for its overall involvement in the school and for instituting the GSAT scholarship. “Petrojam gives the students a goal to look forward to. Everyone wants to be the top student so they can get this award. I know it will assist them with the financial help they so badly need,” Mr. Buscott stated.

Special Awards were also presented to other students who displayed exemplary qualities in areas of discipline, attendance, outstanding all-rounder, congeniality and consistent academic improvement. Other contributions to the Greenwich community and its environs include an Annual Health Fair hosted  by Petrojam and a Homework Programme facilitated by Petrojam employees.

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