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The National Swim Team travelled to Aruba to compete in the 29th CARIFTA Swimming Championships held April 22-26, thanks to a donation from Petrojam Limited. As part of their commitment to health, education and sports, the company donated $5 million dollars to the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at the National Aquatic Centre. 

 Having donated funds for the refurbishment of the 50m pool for Jamaica’s staging of the CARFITA Games last year, Manager, Human Resource Development and Administration, Andrea Bent noted that Petrojam is always committed to youth development. “Swimming falls within the area of sports and because it also helps with developing the young persons in the nation, then it just slides right into our corporate research responsibility programme,” she said.  She also noted that Petrojam was glad to have partnered with the ASAJ this year.  “We the sponsors are here to give you the push and energy that you need. We continue to give you what you need to go forward,” she added.

 President of the ASAJ, Mr. Martin Lyn, was most grateful for having Petrojam and co-sponsor, Milo on board. “Petrojam and Milo are the main reason, the real reason we’re here. Without a big donation like that we probably couldn’t have fielded such a big team to go down to Aruba, “ he said. 

In expressing how meaningful the donation is to the Association,  Vice-President of Swimming, Mr. Allan-Roy Marsh, said “It’s unbelievable what you’ve done. Thank you so much.”

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