Mexico Renews Support of Technical Exchange Programme with Petrojam Limited

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Mexican Ambassador to Jamaica, Gerardo Lozano has reaffirmed the support of his country for projects which aim to stimulate the development of Jamaica’s Energy sector, through his launch of the second phase of the Technical and Scientific Cooperation Programme with Petrojam Limited, on Wednesday (June 6) at Petrojam’s offices on Marcus Garvey Drive.

The Technical and Scientific Cooperation Programme between Petrojam and the state-owned refinery of Mexico, Petrỏleos Mexicanos PEMEX, began in 2008 following the 7th Meeting of the Mexico Jamaica Bi-National Commission in 2007.

The Agreement facilitates the exchange, at interims, of key personnel of Petrojam Refinery and PEMEX to share knowledge and best practices on specific areas of Refinery Operations, namely Energy Efficiency and Oil Loss Management; Catalytic Processes; Process Corrosion Control; Refining Operations Best Practices and Bio fuels.

Lauding the initiative as “one of the most ambitious and successful programmes of technical and scientific cooperation” between both nations, Ambassador Lozano said it (the programme) is a “perfect example of the mutual benefits that can be achieved when both parties are willing to exchange best practices and knowledge in the benefit of this key industry”.

“Either as a recipient or sponsor, Mexico understands technical and scientific cooperation, not merely as assistance or donation, but an opportunity to increase proficiencies and competitiveness of  both public and private national institutions , by exposing them to other experiences and conceptions of productive processes” he noted.

Since 2008, there have been several reciprocal visits between Petrojam and PEMEX with expertise shared in the specified focus areas. In 2011, however, there was a hiatus of the programme, as the official end date was in 2010. However, with the help of former Ambassador Leonora Rueda the programme has been extended.

General Manager of Petrojam, Winston Watson expressed his appreciation to the Ambassador for his government’s continued support of the programme, noting its positive impact on Petrojam’s operations and by extension national development.

Petrojam’s key contribution to the programme, according to Production Manager of Petrojam, Telroy Morgan, has been in the area of Bio- Fuel. The, he said is due mainly to the company’s vast experience with the E-10 programme.  He informed that since 2008, other areas of mutual interest have been added to the programme, including the training of Petrojam personnel in Delayed Coking Operations.

 “The programme is quite beneficial and it’s our objective to ensure that the synergy between Pemex and Petrojam will be maintained, as we seek to extend the program to other aspects of the operations,” he said.

The first exchange in second phase of the Technical Cooperation will commence in July with the visit of PEMEX Specialists to Petrojam.

This will be followed by a visit in September, by three members of the Petrojam PEMEX team, on matters relating to Process Corrosion Control, Operations Best Practices and Energy Efficiency. 

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