Greenwich All-Age Principal Lauds Petrojam’s Labour Day Intervention

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Principal of Greenwich All-Age, Brian Guscott has lauded Petrojam Limited’s recent Labour Day Activity at the institution, noting the timeliness of the intervention and the positive impact it will have on the students’ learning environment.

“I am very pleased and appreciative of the effort that Petrojam has put in to support us as an institution and we look forward to having the students returning into this clean, refreshing learning environment,” Mr. Guscott noted.

“This effort is a continuation of the synergy that exists between Petrojam and Greenwich; as, for the past ten years, the company has provided scholarships to our top GSAT students for High School. We are indeed immensely grateful”, he continued.

Petrojam undertook as its Labour Day activity, renovation of key areas of the institution, including its restroom facilities, the external structure, painting of classrooms and other areas and sprucing of the school garden, to the tune of approximately $2 million.

Petrojam’s Public Relations Officer and Chair of the Labour Day Planning Committee, Latoya Pennant explained that, the Principal, in a conversation with members of the Company’s Outreach Team expressed the dire need for renovation of the students’ restrooms and the lack of funds to undertake painting of the classrooms at the institution.  A site visit followed and the decision taken to make an intervention within the approved budget.

“The 2016 Labour Day theme was ‘For health’s sake, keep it clean’ and while our clean up exercise did not involve the removal of garbage, we hoped we achieved our objective of positively affecting the mental health and mind-set of students by beautifying their learning environment. We hope that this will provide further motivation and produce even better results,” she added.

Howard Aarons, grade teacher at Greenwich All-Age echoed the sentiments of his principal. “Needless to say that the support received from Petrojam has been overwhelming. We are pleased with the massive support received and to Petrojam for recognizing the symbiotic relationship between the student’s performance in their exams and their learning environment and seeking to enhance same,” he noted. 

“We look forward to greater synergy and what our role will certainly be is to show our appreciation by being consistent in maintaining the things that have been fixed, to see to it that they are not broken down, so that when they come again they will be able to focus on other pertinent needs.”  

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