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Petrojam, a limited liability company owned by the Government of Jamaica, is conducting a global search for a General Manager and invites applications for this CEO role.  This is an opportunity for a competent and results-oriented leader to deliver on the mandate of ensuring Jamaica’s energy security for economic growth and development.  

Working closely with the Board of Directors and the Management Team, the General Manager is responsible for providing strategic, financial, and operational leadership for Petrojam. He/she is in charge of the overall planning and management of activities that support the company's long and short term strategies and plans, as well as ensuring that all systems, strategies, policies, and resources are in place to achieve operational excellence and profitability, while fulfilling the company's mission "to refine and supply petroleum products at internationally competitive prices and quality."

Application Deadline:  April 3, 2023 06:00 PM


The successful candidate should have:
1. Master’s degree or its equivalent in the areas of Management, Engineering Business or Technology
Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Mechanical, Chemical Electrical, Electromechanical, Civil or Industrial Engineering
2. At least ten years’ experience as Senior Executive with at least five years in a petroleum, manufacturing or industrial environment.
3. Demonstrable experience in organizational development, transforming change management and forging strategic partnerships.
4. Knowledge of Project Management.


As the highest ranking executive, the General Manager:
1. Manages & directs the daily operations of the company.
2. Provides technical advice to the Board and Executive Management.
3. Provides timely and accurate analysis of management and financial reports to inform
Board decisions.
4. Works in collaboration with the Board of Directors, the related Government Ministries
and Agencies, private sector interests (local and international), and staff to develop
and implement initiatives, which will enhance the security of product supplies.
5. Develops and implements Strategic Plan and programmes for the growth and
profitability of the company, identifying key result areas and conducting the
operations within the approved budget.
6. Manages corporate governance to ensure full compliance and accountability for GOJ
guidelines and standards governing all public bodies.
7. Ensures the maintenance of appropriate policies and procedures to safeguard all
the assets of the Company and to oversee the efficient and effective deployment
of resources consistent with the mandate and objectives.
8. Spearheads initiatives to ensure continuous improvement in the business processes
of the organization.
9. Ensures optimal utilization and investment of the Petrojam’s resources.
10. Ensures that the required resources are provided to facilitate the achievement and
maintenance of world class performance.
11. Models and promotes the organization’s values, and influences conformance
throughout the organization.

Job Type:  Full Time

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