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Forty-seven students at Blake’s Basic School in Greenwich Town will have a safer, more beautiful learning environment thanks to Petrojam Limited. On Labour Day , May 23, 2014, the Management and Staff of Pertrojam Limited united with community members to give the basic school a well-needed facelift This will assist with their meeting operational standards set by the Early Childhood Commission. Approximately two million dollars was spent to conduct roof repairs, paint classrooms, the perimeter walls, among other areas and to start a School Garden.

The students of St. Andrew Primary are now enjoying the use of improved toilet facilities and a beautified environ following major renovation work by Petrojam Limited.
The renovation activities which were undertaken as Petrojam’s 2015 Labour Day activities included restorative work to the students’ restrooms and the school’s Guard House, the installation of two water tanks, painting, planting of flowers and general beautification of the school environment.

The efforts of RISE Life Management Services  in providing remedial education and other social  intervention programmes to inner city communities, was recently strengthened by the donation of One million four hundred and twenty five thousand dollars (J$1,425,000) by Petrojam Limited.
The symbolic cheque was handed over to Executive Director of RISE Life, Sonita Abrahams at a brief presentation ceremony held at the offices of Petrojam on Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

The Water Conservation and Rain Harvesting Project of the Port Morant Primary and Junior High School in St. Thomas has been boosted by the donation and installation of a 1000-gallon Water Tank courtesy of Petrojam Limited.

Efforts by the Jamaica National Children’s Home to improve the literacy and numeracy levels of underachieving wards in its care, were recently boosted through a donation of $60,000 from Petrojam to cover instructor expenses for its Summer Intervention Programme in Remedial Education. The programme, which continues into September, aims to provide additional support to some fifteen students who have been performing below grade level at their respective institutions. Seven of these students were recently placed at the JNCH from Places of Safety.

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