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Petrojam Limited recently pumped energy into the activities of the Jamaica Football Federation through its renewed  sponsorship of Jamaica’s National Football programme.

Speaking at a ceremony to announce the renewed and expanded partnership, General Manager of Petrojam, Howard Mollison noted that with the renewal, the company’s contribution would extend beyond the men’s senior team to all national football teams.

AS Jamaica’s Mission to Rio World Cup qualifying campaign moves into higher gear, it will need fuel of all kind to sustain its momentum.

And the Reggae Boyz got a top-up from the state-owned national petroleum refinery Petrojam, which has committed $4.8 million worth of the precious commodity to keep the wheels turning for the 2014 World Cup, slated for Brazil.

The four-year deal, which actually started last year, will see the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) getting a monthly supply of fuel valued at $100,000 to keep the team bus and “selected JFF vehicles” runnning.

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