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Petrojam Limited is committed to providing the members of the public with our official documents as required by the Access to Information Act (ATI Act). The ATI Act which became law in 2002 grants the public a legal right to our official documents that are not considered exempted. This ATI Act helps us as a publicly owned company to be more transparent in our operations. This is because the Act gives the public the right to hold us accountable.

A number of documents that are of interest to the public are posted here on our website. This includes our Annual Financial Statements, Product Pricing Information and our Corporate Outreach Initiatives.

Information that has not previously been made public may be requested under the ATI Act by completing the ATI Request Form on this website or using any other method of communication that is convenient to you.  ATI requests will be processed by the Records and Information Management Unit. An acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you within 2 business days and a final response will be provided within 30 days.


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