Graduate Internships

Petrojam Limited formally launched its Graduate Internship Programme at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Tuesday, February 5, under the theme, “Your Time to Shine, Unearth Your True Potential”.

Ten interns were selected to participate in the company’s inaugural internship programme which offers recent tertiary graduates the opportunity to gain practical experience in their respective fields of study over a year. The interns started at Petrojam on January 2.  

On Monday, January 6, 2014, Petrojam Limited welcomed the second batch of Interns in its Graduate Internship Programme. Fourteen tertiary graduates from a cross-section of disciplines including Human Resource Management, Accounting, Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology have been granted a one-year internship to assist them in better transitioning into the world of work. The Programme, launched in 2013, is geared at providing valuable work experience to graduates in order to increase their marketability.

EIGHTEEN new tertiary graduates have joined Petrojam’s one-year internship programme, a four-year-old project designed to expose them to real-world experience and improve their marketability.

The interns, who have been assigned to various departments including accounts, refinery production, human resource development and administration, and strategic planning, participated in two weeks of orientation, one of which was dedicated to learning the company’s safety procedures.