Ms Rosemarie Pilner


Rosemarie Pilner  is a respected business leader who retired from Scotiabank after 45 years of service. She is currently a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach at the banking institution.

During her tenure at Scotiabank, Mrs. Pilner also served in a number of roles including Executive Vice President, Operations, General Manager, Operations, Vice President, Data Operations and Branch Manager.

Overtime, she earned the reputation for being a proficient leader with a record for achieving exceptional organizational performance through the efficient management of human capital.  She is also known for her strong work ethic and high levels of efficiency.

Previous Board appointments include Director, National Water Commission, Director, Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation and Director, Friends of the Homeless.

Mrs Pilner is also a Justice of the Peace for the parish of Kingston.

Rosie Pilner was appointed to the Petrojam board on June 19, 2018.