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Our Customer Charter clearly outlines our commitments, responsibilities and standards of service to you, our valued customers. Our charter sets out our performance standards that apply to all Petrojam personnel and facilities involved in the sale and distribution of fuel. The Charter will also assist you to contact us on any matter related to our services or if you need information or advice from us.
A very important aspect of the Customer Charter is that we will be measured externally on how well we are meeting our commitments. This information will be publicly available, so you will know if we are doing what we say we will. The initiatives outlined in our Customer Charter are our guarantee that we will work to understand your needs and meet your expectations.

Petrojam will passionately create loyal customers for life. We are a company of people captivated with creating loyal customers. From every job, across every contact, we will build unmatched customer loyalty…one customer at a time.


  1. We pledge our unwavering commitment to adhere to the highest standards of safety and deportment in the delivery of our products and services to our customers.
  2. We pledge to supply products at internationally competitive prices, delivering value for money at all times.
  3. We pledge to guarantee delivery of product in the quantities required by our customers with measurements as per the industry standards.
  4. We pledge that all products supplied by Petrojam will be available as required by our customers.
  5. We pledge to guarantee that all our products are tested and certified as per industry standard and meets or exceed the National Gazette product specifications or are of the quality required and agreed to with our customers.
  6. We pledge that if Petrojam is unable to supply any quality specification required by a customer, Petrojam will seek the customer’s written approval to deliver the product at the currently agreed specification, prior to delivery of the product.
  7. We pledge to be open, honest, dependable and consistent so that customers have confidence in our company.
  8. We pledge to acknowledge our customers concerns, comments, and suggestions in writing within three (3) working days of receipt of same and seek to resolve the issues raised as soon as is possible thereafter. We will provide open channels of communication at all times to facilitate the provision of consultation, help, and advice, delivered in a clear, reasonable and understandable manner.
  9. We pledge to engage in continuous improvement reviews internally to enhance / improve our services to our customers incorporating their comments and suggestions in our service delivery efforts.
  10. We pledge to visit and consult with our customers at least once per month with a view to gathering firsthand information on difficulties you are experiencing and soliciting feedback on the quality of our service delivery.
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