About Us


Petrojam, Jamaica’s only petroleum refinery is a limited liability company;  wholly owned by the Government of Jamaica with 51% shares held by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica and 49% held by the Accountant General of Jamaica. The PCJ is a statutory body created and wholly owned by the Government of Jamaica.

Petrojam supplies a full range of domestic, transportation and industrial petroleum products. We also operate a laboratory which provides quality control and certification services for petroleum products manufactured and imported by the refinery. Laboratory service is also provided to Jamaican businesses and the scientific community.



We trace our roots back to March 1964, when ESSO built and operated the refinery for 18 years. It was then sold to the Government of Jamaica in 1982 and established as Petrojam Limited.  Later in 2006, the Government of Jamaica sold 49% of its shares to PDV Caribe. In 2019 the Government of Jamaica reacquired the 49% share held by Venezuela.  The Compulsory Acquisition (shares in Petrojam Limited) Act 2019 was enacted and came into operation on February 22, 2019.


The legislation vests the forty nine percent (49%) shareholding in Petrojam previously held by PDV Caribe S.A. in the Accountant General of Jamaica in trust for the Government of Jamaica with effect from February 22, 2019. The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica which is a state agency of the government of Jamaica still owns fifty-one percent (51%) of Petrojam.



Petrojam operates a 35,000 barrel per day hydro-skimming refinery, to produce Automotive Diesel Oil; Heavy Fuel Oil; Kerosene/Jet Fuel, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), Asphalt and Gasoline. Both grades of unleaded gasoline (90 and 87 R+M/2) contain 10% ethanol. Ultra low sulphur diesel is imported so that the company can supply the market demand.

The company focuses primarily on meeting the needs of the national market, and does this through a mix of refining and importation of finished products. Customers served include the Power Producers; Aircraft Refueling; Multinational and Local Marketing companies. We are resolute in our commitment to deliver high quality products on schedule to the complete satisfaction of our customers.



As a company, we take great pride in maintaining high standards for quality; health and safety; and environmental protection. Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to show good results. We have reduced or loss time incidents and have had no incidents resulting in loss of life.

Petrojam cares about the community and strives to play a part in nation building; we are proud of our contribution to the surrounding communities especially in the areas of health and education.



Our success is driven by our people and their focus on delivering results by operating safely and executing responsibly. The General Manager leads the team which is organized into the departments of Logistics and Marketing; Production; Safety, Environment & Quality; Maintenance & Reliability; Finance and Accounts; Human Resource Development & Administration and Strategic Planning & Business Support. Petrojam is staffed by approximately 211 highly skilled employees, deployed to the various departments; our talent pool includes engineers, technicians and administrative support staff.

The General Manager is responsible for daily management of the refinery; however the ultimate internal authority is the Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of an equal number of Venezuelan and Jamaican Directors.



Our business strategy is focused on positioning the company for long term survival and competitiveness through initiatives to diversify product mix in keeping with energy policy mandate, increase operational efficiencies in all processes; improve risk management systems and retain a talented and high performance team.