Our Mission: To efficiently refine and supply fuels at internationally competitive prices, creating value for our stakeholders We are resolute in our commitment to supply high quality products on
schedule and at the right price to the satisfaction of our customers.

By 2030, Petrojam will be a best in class Petroleum Company.

To efficiently refine and supply fuels at
internationally Competitive prices, creating
value for our stakeholders.

Commitment to Health, Safety &
Environment, Customer Focus,
Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork

Energy is the engine of the economy. That’s why the team at Petrojam is committed to responsibly meeting the country’s energy needs. We continue to pursue measures to ensure that the refinery operates efficiently, resulting in cost savings for the Jamaican economy.

Our Committment

Our customer charter outlines our commitments, responsibilities and standards of service to you our valued customer. Our charter sets out our performance standards that apply to all Petrojam personnel and facilities involved in the sale and distribution of our products.

Improving energy access

Improving efficiency


Mitigating emissions

Job Creation


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Date: March 30, 2023
Auto Diesel $191.8703
Gasolene 87 $167.8228
Gasolene 90 $172.2987
Propane $65.6437
Kerosene $202.9258
Butane $71.7644
Asphalt $101.3834
ULSD $202.7174
HFO $104.3543

Over 30 Years of
Safe Operations

We are always focused on Safety,
Quality and Environmental Protection

35,000 Barrel
Per day Production

The Company Focuses Primarily on Meeting the
needs of the National Market

242 High
Skilled Labour

Safe, Relable Working environment
is First Priority

In the News

Petrojam News

Petrojam Reports Smooth Transition to New IMO Heavy Fuel Oil Specification

On January 01, 2020, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) introduced new regulations to lower the sulphur cap on marine fuels, reducing the global limit from 3.5% to 0.50%. This is designed to significantly curb pollution produced by ships worldwide. Six …

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Corporate Social Responsibilty

Petrojam’s HJ Fenton Memorial Scholarship

Donrich Dennis is the 2020 recipient of Petrojam’s HJ Fenton Memorial Scholarship. The H.J Fenton Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship in Engineering was established by Petrojam Limited in 2003, in honour of its former managing director the late Hiram James Fenton. Donrich …

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